Skyrocket Sales with Emotion-Triggered Video Ads

Video ads are still the most impactful way to generate name awareness and increase your sales. But we’re NOT talking about the video ads you see on television. They’re relics from the past! Instead, we’re talking about video advertising that uses the most powerful platform available: online media. And if you’re not using this amazing tool, your competition will pass you by.

Here’s why: more than 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every single day. Yes – that’s “Billion” with a “B.” And they’re not just viewed; power-players who use YouTube videos like Amazon and eBay claim that adding a video ad to one of their product descriptions increases sales by a whopping 35%!

Think about this: YouTube videos have an audience impact that is 1,000 times greater than a TV ad. That’s 1,000 times greater! And your prospects can watch your YouTube ads on a computer, tablet or smartphone – anywhere, anytime!

But we’re just getting started. People who watch those videos will share it with their social media followers. Here’s a stat you have to know: Twitter users share over 700 videos every single minute.

More and more people are watching videos on their mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. In fact, 88% of short videos are watched from beginning to end. But the most important consideration is that video is the best way to tell your story, using sight and sound. And that’s where we can help.

Emotion-Triggered Video Ads

I’ve developed a unique video ads program that utilizes proven emotional triggers to resonate with your audience. Robert Plutchik, the renowned expert in this field, categorized them and discovered that using these 8 key human emotions generates a significant response to your ads.

These 8 emotions include fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise, anticipation and trust. Each one plays an integral role in creating a series of sequential video ads for your company that play on YouTube at the beginning of every video that’s watched. Studies show that 50% of people who go online will watch at least one video a day.

I use my groundbreaking formula to develop short video ads using emotional triggers and subliminal elements in a sequential algorithm. Combined with laser-focused targeting, your customer will be viewing your complete message and will be primed to view your offer. This is critical because it gets people to not only know you but also like you – and most importantly, trust you as well!

And trust is what motivates a prospect to take action and respond to your ad’s message.

I create a series of 8 short video ads, each one based on one of the identified 8 emotions that were categorized by Plutchik. Together, the 8 video ads deliver your entire marketing message by triggering human reactions to the series of ads that are delivered sequentially.

My video ad cues target the 8 emotions using elements like binaural beats, repeated images, theta waves and/or voice commands that get viewers to react. They are presented sequentially throughout the viewer’s online experience.


I offer short, sequential video ads production using engaging elements to invoke responses from viewers.

I also offer full-service monthly video ads management program using our sequential video ads. You simply won’t find this service anywhere else.

If you’re looking to generate name awareness, introduce a new product or service, sell something or fill an auditorium for your upcoming live event, you should reach out to me directly.


Here’s one client that used my video ads solution to achieve unparalleled success. It’s a car dealer that almost doubled his car sales in only 20 days.

You can view it here: (CAR DEALERSHIP CASE STUDY)

I’ve also achieved remarkable results for people who manage and promote live events. Here are several clients who used my video sequences and enjoyed unprecedented results

You can view it here: (LIVE EVENT CASE STUDY)

I have worked with clients in many industries, from plastic surgeons to e-commerce companies to pharmaceutical companies.

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AM Khan