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“A.M. Khan is a miracle worker!”


“He really knows his stuff and he’s an expert in his industry!”


“AM Khan’s Adwords Mobile Marketing has been staggering to our PPI Claims partner”



“Get Involved. You’ll be happy you did because he knows his stuff”

Shelley Ellis

Shelley Ellis, aka “The Queen of Content Network”, endorses AM Khan & talks about his software tools

Russell Brunsom

“… he was beating out some REALLY HUGE internet marketers…” – Russell Brunsom from DotComSecrets.com

Ann from Traffic Rockstars

“… the guy sent us almost 20,000 unique visitors over a very short period of time” – Ann from Traffic Rockstars

Peter Conti

“… not only has he reinstated our Adwords account with Google, but has put together a solid strategy” – Peter Conti, Author; CommercialReal Estate Investing for Dummies

Jon Rognerud

“I am Looking At 30-300% ROI In
Less Than 90-Days…”

Ephren Taylor II

“I am On Track To Make Multi-Millions of Dollars Off of This Guy and His Techniques…”

Huey Lee

“Saw Immediately An Increase of 300% ROI”

Matt from IPExpert

“…Phenomenal Results In Bringing Down Our Spending, While Increasing Traffic…”

Joy Packard

“In The Last 10 or 11 Days… My [Email] List Is Already Up To 120 People”

Peter Vekselman

“Positive All The Way Around… Conversion Costs Have Gone Down, Quality Right Where It Needs To Be If Not Higher”

Gauher Chaudry

“I Met Him At My Pay-Per-Click 2.0 Seminar… I Was So Impressed I Wanted Grab Him and Throw Him up On Stage…”

Nadir Patel

“Consistently Produced Positive Returns For Us On All of Our Campaiagns… A++”

Chris Reiff

“Worked With A.M. Khan For The Last 15 Months… Results Still Amaze Me… Unbelievable”

Hans Klein

“Never Any Excuses, Just A Plan of Action… The ‘Go to’ Guy For Getting Results.”

Chris Dufour

“Considering Our Small Niche I Was Kind Doubtful About PPC [At First]… [But, A.M. Khan] Got Us Hits and We Got Business.”

Jonathan Van Clute

“…When He Develops Anything I Like To Be Notified First… He’s Always Got Some Really clever, Really Brilliant Ideas Up His Sleeve.”

Jim Marsh

“His Knowledge of PPC, Campaign Creation, and Campaign Management Is Second to None.”

Andy Huang

“Helped clients increased their overall account ROI for
their Adwords”

Amir Darwish

“He knows his stuff very well”