//Solving the Biggest Problems Live Events Face

Solving the Biggest Problems Live Events Face

A.M. Khan is a superstar when it comes to event promotion. Watching this video at http://go.vidilist.com/liveevent-watch-video/ provides testimonials and overview of what he provides. But, for those who prefer to read, here’s what he has to say.

A campaign strategy only takes 20 minutes to put together. You need this to ensure that your audience knows about your event and is followed up with daily to keep them excited. Contact me to schedule a time on my calendar. You will need to complete an application to qualify.

So, what exactly does A.M. Khan provide with his services? First, he creates high impact videos to promote awareness of the event. Second, he builds responsive video ads to follow viewers throughout the course of the campaign. Third, he forces viewers to view the ads in the targeted areas multiple times a day (that tactic is his little bombshell secret!).

A.M. Khan also creates the landing page funnels, complete video ads targeting setup and complete campaign management. His services are guaranteed to increase ticket sales and registration for your event!

One lucky client had a venue filled in 2 weeks with over 1000 people after offline marketing failed her and even drained her budget. Unfortunately, they learned the hard way that traditional marketing gets lost in the news, while video added to your marketing strategy will improve event awareness generously.

This is all done on YouTube, which reaches more people per day than cable ever will. Millions of views happen daily and that makes for a broad audience to tap into. That’s why, because of his dynamite approach, A.M. Khan is the go-to person for CEOs.

So, why not schedule an appointment with A.M. Khan today to get your event noticed and profitable? It’s as simple as clicking here and completing our short form. We’ll then send you an application that will start the process.

All the best to you in your marketing efforts!

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