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Skyrocket Sales with Emotion-Triggered Video Ads

Video ads are still the most impactful way to generate name awareness and increase your sales. But we’re NOT talking about the video ads you see on television. They’re relics from the past! Instead, we’re talking about video advertising that uses the most powerful platform available: online media. And if you’re not using this [...]

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Benefits of Adding Subliminal Messages in Video Ads

Subliminal messaging is not a myth. It truly works. A.M. Kahn is an expert in video advertising on YouTube and utilizes it to help your audience know you, like you, and subconsciously trust you. Not convinced? Watch these testimonials at https://youtu.be/pcSsv7uxn-c. So, what are the benefits of adding subliminal messaging to your video ads. Subliminal [...]

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Solving the Biggest Problems Live Events Face

A.M. Khan is a superstar when it comes to event promotion. Watching this video at http://go.vidilist.com/liveevent-watch-video/ provides testimonials and overview of what he provides. But, for those who prefer to read, here’s what he has to say. A campaign strategy only takes 20 minutes to put together. You need this to ensure that your audience [...]

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